Egg Carton Gardens | EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits for Kids


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Learn English through STEAM! This Egg Carton Garden EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kit for Kids is easy to make and fun for all ages.

Seed Types
Variation picture for Vegetables
Includes 6 types of fruits and vegetables
Variation picture for Flowers
Includes six types of flowers
Variation picture for Vegetables/flowers
Includes 3 types of flowers and 3 types of fruits and vegetables

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Egg Carton Garden | EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits for Kids

Discover the wonders of gardening by planing your own Egg Carton Garden. This kit includes everything you need to start your own garden in an egg carton. You can choose from 3 different seeds groups: fruits and vegetables, flowers, or mixed (3 types of flower and 3 types of fruits/vegetables). The kit also includes 4 worksheets, online study activities/games, and a video lesson to practice the process/vocabulary and see the worksheet solutions.

Using EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits, students not only learn important STEAM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), but they can learn English through follow-up worksheets, online games, and a fun mini lesson to improve their 4 English Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing).

Order kits in packs of 10 and save 10%!

Recommended Ages: 3+ (younger children may require assistance)
Difficulty Level: 1  [ Scale 1(easy) – 5 (challenging)]

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Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 5 cm
Seed Types

Vegetables, Flowers, Vegetables/flowers


Sample worksheet will be available here by June 15.



Instructions in PDF format will be available to download here by June 15.