Flip Flap Butterflies (Pre-made, 2 Butterflies only)


Coloring your own original Flip Flap Butterflies and letting them fly is a fun and exciting activity for any occasion. Add instant joy to any event or lesson by simply coloring your unique designs, winding up the butterflies 30 – 40 times, and letting them flip, flap, and fly like real butterflies. For an even more exciting, educational adventure, try the full Flip-Flap Butterfly Steam Kit here. It include 2 pre-made butterflies, 2 DIY butterflies, worksheets, online lessons/games, and more!

※This pack includes the materials to make 2 pre-made Flip-Flap Butterflies. (Decorating supplies such as crayons and tape are not included.)
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Have fun and surprise your friends with Flip Flap Butterflies!

These Flip Flap Butterflies Craft Kits are easy to decorate and exciting to watch. Each set includes two pre-made Flip Butterflies which are ready to be colored, wound up, and set free!

You can either throw Flip Flap Butterflies into the air and watch them flutter like real butterflies. Or you can hide them in books or under things to surprise your friends, family members, coworkers, or students/classmates.

How do wind-up Flip Flap Butterflies actually fly?

Although Flip Flap Butterflies may seem simple, there’s tons of educational value hiding in this easy craft-based activity. To make the Flip Flap Butterflies, simply color the wings and wind them up about 30 – 40 times. After that, you can throw them up into the air to see which direction they will go.

Flip Flap Butterflies are also great for adding excitement to any event. When you wind up the butterflies and put them in books or under objects such as computers or bags, they will magically fly away when someone discovers them.

There’s so much you can do when you get the Flip Flap Butterflies Craft Kits!

✅ Color original designs for two Flip Flap Butterflies

✅ Hide Flip Flap Butterflies in books, greeting cards, and under stuff for a cute surprise to whoever discovers them

✅ Teach students about the physics of what makes the butterflies fly through the air

What’s in the package for Flip Flap Butterflies?

Each pack of Flip Flap Butterflies has the following:

✅ Two pre-assembled white Flip Flap Butterflies ready to color (decorating supplies not included)

✅ Basic English instructions

For more details about the product information, please click the information tab. If you want more of a DIY experience with your Flip Flap Butterflies, then we recommend our Flip Flap Butterflies STEAM Craft Lesson Pack. The pack, as well as our Flip Flap Bats, will let you make your own butterflies and bats from scratch.

For what ages and English skill levels is this Steam Craft Kit suitable?

Our STEAM Craft Kits are generally suitable for kids of all ages, but we recommend that students 3 years old and younger get assistance from an adult. Always remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment when using our STEAM craft kits.

Do you have a monthly STEAM Craft Kit subscription for kids to enjoy at home?

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Yes, we do! The Monthly English STEAM Adventure service is perfect for families that want to enjoy STEAM education and English education together in a fun and easy way. This is also a great way to save 10% on 12 STEAM Craft Kits.

Is there a discount for educators that want to use STEAM Craft Kits in the classroom?

For all our STEAM Craft Kits, we have the following discounts:

Order 10 – 19 kits of any STEAM Craft Kit for 10% off!

Order 20 or more kits for 20% off!

For more information, please contact us.

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Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 5 cm
baseplate color

gray, beige, pink, blue, green


Flip Flap Butterflies Steam Craft Kit

Safety Information
All STEAM Kits should be done under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use. Wear appropriate safety equipment when playing with Flip Flap Butterflies.
Product Information
Recommended Ages: 4+ (younger with adult assistance)
Difficulty Level: 1  (1 = easy, 5 = difficult)
Produced by: BBbots.com (Step by Step, Inc.)
Pack Contents
2 Flip Flap Butterflies (white)
Basic English Instructions
Not included:  decoration materials (crayons, eye stickers, etc.)
Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 cm
Weight: 115 g