Awesome English STEAM Adventure (12-month subscription)

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Embark on a year-long journey of discovery with the Monthly English STEAM Adventure subscription from! This unique program blends the thrill of building STEAM kits with the joy of learning English, covering key areas like Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

※Each monthly pack is a treasure trove of discovery, including a creative STEAM kit, 4 pages of engaging English worksheets, and exclusive online access to the BBbots STEAM Zone. Here, you’ll find enriching review videos, worksheet tutorials, interactive online games, and much more! Perfect for curious minds eager to explore and learn, this subscription is your ticket to a world where education meets excitement. Sign up today and transform learning into an adventure!

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The Monthly English STEAM Adventure Program is perfect for kids that want to learn!

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Learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math has never been more exciting thanks to the fun STEAM Learning Packs. With these packs, kids can also learn English in a fun and natural way through the Content and Language Integrated Learning methodology (CLIL). Each pack has everything kids need to practice the English 4-skills and of course play with a fun STEAM craft kit.

Get a new STEAM Learning Pack every month for 12 months

When you join the Monthly English STEAM Adventure Program, you’ll get a new STEAM Learning Pack with the following:

1 STEAM Craft Kit

steam examplesThe STEAM Craft Kit is a fun activity or craft that teaches some aspect of STEAM such as chemical reactions, the forces of magnets, or the way a balloon can power a car. The concepts and vocabulary used in this craft kit are also the focus of the English learning resources below.

A Tutorial Video and Slideshow for making the Craft Kit

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By simply scanning the QR Code found on the STEAM Craft Kit or the worksheets, you can access the STEAM Zone and watch a tutorial video or a slideshow that make it easy to build your STEAM kit.

4 Multi-Level Worksheets

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The worksheets found in each STEAM Learning Pack teach the core vocabulary, the process of making the craft kit, and a supplementary set of vocabulary words. The final worksheet is a fun True or False Quiz that ties all the concepts together and teaches even more interesting facts about the craft kit.

For example, the worksheets for the Music Box STEAM Learning Pack teach the parts and vocabulary related to the music box, the process of making and using the music box, 10 additional musical instruments and how they make sound, and a True or False Quiz about the music box and instruments in general.

3 Vocabulary and Process Review Lesson Videos

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Join PJ (Professor Jerm) and GP the Pig in the STEAM Zone to learn or review the vocab found in the worksheets and the process for making the STEAM Kits. The videos are always fun to watch and a great way for kids to repeat the correct pronunciation and learn to read along.

4 Worksheet Explanation Tutorial Video

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In the STEAM Zone, you’ll also find tutorial videos for the worksheets that explain how to do them correctly. These worksheet tutorial videos are a great tool to boost listening skills and reading comprehension as kids follow along with their own worksheets.

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