Non-Stop Swing | EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits for Kids


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Learn English through STEAM! This Non-Stop Swing EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kit for Kids is easy to make and fun for all ages. This kit includes the DIY STEAM Kit, a worksheet pack, online EFL activities/games, and a video lesson.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Non-Stop Swing | EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits for Kids

Not only do students learn important STEAM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), but with the optional EFL/ESL Pack, students can do worksheets, play online games, and watch a fun mini lesson to improve their 4 English Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing).

Order kits in packs of 10 and save 10%!

Recommended Ages: 8+ (younger children may require assistance)
Difficulty Level: 5  [ Scale 1(easy) – 5 (challenging)]Number of screws: many (magnet tipped screwdriver recommended)

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Sample worksheet will be available here by June 15.



Instructions in PDF format will be available to download here by June 15.