Thymio Challenge Programming Cards PDF English/Japanese (FREE Download)


The Thymio Challenge Activities Accessory Pack contains 30 challenges cards (English/Japanese) in PDF format with increasing difficulty to discover programming Thymio, the small programmable robot, in VPL and VPL3.

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Start Learning Programming Right Away with Challenge Card PDF Data for the Thymio II Wireless Robot!

The challenge cards cover basic modes, visual programming (VPL) and advanced visual programming. The activity sheets make it possible to transform the robot, build obstacles and create the playground. Please note that the Thymio Challenge Activities does not contain a robot nor a remote control.

Most solutions are on the cards themselves, and a page on the Thymio website is dedicated to the Challenge Activities. It will give you hints and solutions to the challenges!


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Activity sheets & Challenge cards

■  Information

Halloween Spider

Thymio Sushi-bar

Thymio for Light Painting

Thymio Quiz

■  Solutions

The Ambulance

The Mad Cleaner

The Bulldozer

■  Additional Resources

Download Thymio Racetrack

Download Thymio Alphabet

Easy guide to Wireless Thymio


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